Welcome to Retro Book Covers

A Stack of Books

It’s been a busy month for us here at Retro Book Covers. We’ve been hauling crates of books from place to place, and those things are not light. Additionally, we’ve been stretching our brains and doing tons and tons of research to deliver high-quality, informative posts about every single book cover we feature.

So now that we’re settling into our new home, we just wanted to talk a little bit about what exactly we’re trying to accomplish here.

We love old books — we’re huge bookworms. And so many of the books we love have incredible covers. We’re trying to create a gallery where these book covers can be remembered, and a place that shines some light on the wonderful artists who have worked to create them.

We have dozens of book covers featured in our gallery so far, and we’re adding more every single day. Of course we’ve got an enormous amount of science fiction, including classics like Isaac Asimov’s Foundation (the Avon printing from 1966) to some lesser-known books such as The Solarians by Norman Spinrad. However, we’re trying to cover as many genres as possible, from literary classics (like Walden by Henry David Thoreau) to mysteries (we’re huge fans of Agatha Christie and the strange covers that have graced her books over the years). We’ve got spooky horror titles (like the story collection Sea Tales of Terror), children’s books (like The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C. S. Lewis), and fantasy adventures (including Piers Anthony’s Centaur Aisle). We’ve even got an American Western or two.

Feel free to look around. Enjoy the art, whether it be astounding, completely bizarre, or an unexpected blend of the two. Click on a cover you like to open up an article and learn some factoids about the author, the book, or the artist.

There’s so much great stuff here, and we plan on adding so much more. We hope you love what we’re building, and we hope you come back often. Make yourself at home.