Crockett’s Woman by Eric Hatch

Crockett's Woman by Eric Hatch

Originally published in 1951, Crocket’s Woman is a sleazy pocket novel by Eric S. Hatch. It was based on a shorter version of the story that appeared as a six-part serial in the Saturday Evening Post (in November and December of 1946) under the title Bright Was the Sword.

The edition we’re showing here is the fourth printing, and it’s one of Fawcett’s Gold Medal Books.

Eric Hatch was a staff writer at The New Yorker, as well as a novelist. He’s perhaps most known for 1101 Park Avenue, which was adapted to film under the title My Man Godfrey, and The Year of the Horse, which was adapted for film by Disney and released under the title The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit. Hatch worked on the screenplays for both movies.

Crockett's Woman by Eric Hatch - Back Cover

As for Crockett’s Woman, there’s nothing remarkable about it except for its perpetually excellent (yet creepy) covers. The cover above is not credited, and we were unable to learn who did this art.

The first edition of Crockett’s Woman featured the art shown below, which is also fantastic.

Crockett's Woman by Eric Hatch

The cover scan from the first edition comes courtesy Flickr user Greg_Mcc1.

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