A Caribbean Mystery by Agatha Christie

A Caribbean Mystery by Agatha Christie

A Caribbean Mystery is a mystery novel by famous author Agatha Christie. The novel was originally published by Collins Crime Club in 1964, but this edition was released by Fontana Books in 1966. This is the ninth novel to feature amateur consulting detective Miss Marple.

Although this novel is one of Christie’s less-known works, it was positively received at the time of release. The book has been adapted several times; a CBS television movie was released in 1983, and a BBC TV adaptation was released in 1989. Most recently, the story was adapted for ITV’s Agatha Christie’s Marple series in 2013.

This terrifying cover was created by Tom Adams, who provided a number of illustrations for Christie’s mysteries. Adams was originally commissioned by Collins Publishing to create a sample cover for A Murder Is Announced. The cover was such a success that he was asked to illustrate covers for all of Christie’s paperbacks. He provided multiple covers for many of Christie’s titles, including this one.

Adam’s covers had a strong surrealist style that were heavily inspired by collages — one of Adam’s goals as an artist was to put a painterly spin on the collage. His work has been honored by the American Society of Illustrators and The American Art Directors Association.

Although Adams is most famous for his Christie covers, he also provided cover art for books by Raymond Chandler, Peter Straub, and John Fowles. He has worked on several films, including Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey and Tobe Hooper’s Space Vampires. He is also the cover artist for the Iron Maiden compilation album Edward the Great.

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